Professional Jade Services

Jade Repair, Cleaning, Design
and Certificate Service

Professional services by a qualified jade expert with years of experience in the U.S. and China.

Jade jewelry repaired, perfectly cleaned. designs for new jade pieces produced and fashioned.

Raw jade cut, shaped and polished.

Estimates of authenticity and value of jade prepared, with professional opinion certificates.

Consultation on all questions regarding jade.

Sample minimum costs; custom quotes given for each:

  • jade polish (1-2 days); $85
  • jade repair (1-2 weeks); $100
  • jade cutting (2-3 weeks) $100
  • jade carving (1 month) $60
  • jade jewelry design $100
  • jade consultation $60/hour

Standard fixed prices:

  • Jade certificate (2 weeks): $150
  • "Jade" -- a fine book by world expert Fred Ward; $15

Questions? Send us email: or call 808-638-7100 for fast, knowledgable answers.